Hi. I'm David.

My professional career in photography began 12 years ago in Monterey California at a renowned architectural firm where I developed my mastery in architectural and interior photography. From there my passion led me into commercial photography where in the setting of beautiful Worth Avenue in Palm Beach Florida I became the director of photography at a Fine Art Gallery and Auction House for nearly 7 years.  

I currently have over 18,000 hours of Fine Art and commercial  photography clocked, have shot more than 6000 items ranging from ancient Chinese artifacts, 19th century art glass, to rare Art Deco Cartier bracelets and everything in-between. 


It is my great pleasure to offer my experience and skills in architectural, commercial, product and corporate photography back in my home state of California. For you who desire the highest end result for your photography you need look no further.

If you are in the market for cutting edge eCommerce I also offer my highest end service of professional 3D photography which will propel your website light-years ahead of your competition.

Thank you for your time & I look forward to our future collaborations!